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We are the leading and most innovative recruitment
and staffing company in the Nordics. 

By helping people find a job, we contribute to creating a dynamic work force



At OTIGA, we aim to offer our family of companies the best of both worlds – the strengths and capabilities of a group, combined with the closeness, speed and creativity characterizing an owner-led business.




We support our company's growth and innovation by exploring digital solutions and structuring flexible owner models that drive growth and profitability



We are passionate about inclusion and gender equality. We believe that diversity in management positions is something that benefits the working environment.

Otiga Group is a founding member of #ShesGotThis, an organization whose goal is to raise awareness of gender stereotypes and unconscious bias in the business world. Together with CORE - Centre for Research on Gender Equality, the organization compiles anonymous reports from employees in different companies.


In this way, the organization can help detect problem areas an gain greater insight into how problems of inequality arises in the workplace. All the companies in Otiga Group contribute by delivering data to the research project.

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By creating and helping people find a job, Otiga Group contributes to creating a dynamic work force as well as reducing unemployment.

We aim to see the potential in every person and to help them develop their careers.  Having a job that is relevant to one’s background, interest and education gives life a purpose. 

We believe that diversity in the work place is mutually beneficial both for business and for the employees. We recruit without discrimination in terms of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion.



We believe in taking care of the world we all live in.

As a leading company in the recruitment and temporary staffing industry, Otiga Group takes responsibility for how its companies affects the environment. In all our offices, we strive towards limiting our carbon footprint by reducing the use of company cars and air travel, recycling as well as limiting paper and plastic waste. 


We are adamant that even the smallest action that can contribute in keeping our planet clean and safe is worth doing. 



We believe than any challenge can be overcome through determination and collaboration.

In addition to our partnership with #ShesGotThis, Otiga Group is a member of Sustainability Hub.  This an organization that works to strengthen cooperation between Norwegian companies with a focus on sustainable business operations.

By joining forces with other passionate organizations, we can together work to achieve the sustainable development goals and help make the world  more sustainable, diverse and equal .

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