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Temporary staffing

140 MSEK


Shino Diabate

Hilde Lekven

Claes Poulsen


Agito provides health personnel to clients across the Nordic region. Our specialists recruit doctors and nurses to hospitals, municipalities and other private businesses throughout the Nordics. When selecting personnel, the health professional competence is crucial, but we also place great emphasis on factors such as flexibility, cooperation skills and social competence.The recruitment center is located in Malmö Sweden.

As a customer of Agito, you get a dedicated contact person who works according to your requirement specification and actively engages with you to find suitable personnel. We prioritize high availability and service to you as a customer. 

By working for Agito, you can get help finding the job opportunity that you dreamed of regardless of your specialty. Thanks to our position as an important healthcare partner for hospitals and healthcare centers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we manage to find the best assignment that suits you.
We have close and trustworthy cooperation with our clients and can therefore tailor-made a job opportunity that fits your and the hospital needs. It is easy and safe to seek a job opportunity through us at Agito. Just report your interest and then leave the rest to us.

As part of our service we share the knowledge we have about social insurance, tax legislation, labour law, pensions and more in the Nordic countries. 
Our goal is to always do our utmost to make you feel comfortable and feel safe throughout the process. And to ensure the best possible candidates for our customers.


In 2019, Agito launched its online service Agito e-helse  which fascilitates video-consultations with authorized medical personell such as doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists.​

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