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Clockwork AB

Recruitment company

166 MSEK

Petter Lundgren


Hilde Lekven

Claes Poulsen

Clockwork AB

Clockwork is one of Swedens largest recruitment and staffing companies with revenues of over 166MSEK. In just five years, the company, who is partly owned by Otiga Group, has grown to have operations in 14 locations throughout Sweden. Clockwork specialize in six different areas: recruitment, support & matching and staffing of officials, industrial workers, school staff and engineers.

Through our skills, genuine commitment and a prestigious way of working, we aims to affect their surroundings with motivation and inspiration. Clockwork believes in the power of people and that their entire business is based on good relationships, both between employees and between customers.

At Clockwork, we do things instead of talking about them. We are simple, clear, personal and tireless. This is what gives us, our candidates and our customers the power to continue to develop. 

Our values are:

  • Power

  • Passion

  • People

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