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Customer Connect:
A Unified Nordic Customer Approach by Otiga Group

Dear collegues,  

We are excited to introduce you to Otiga Customer Connect, a new and important initiative designed to unlock the untapped potential in fostering sales and customer collaboration across our brands and national borders in the Nordic region.


By our collective effort, we are confident that we can create a substantial value proposition, benefiting our entire group and it`s subsidiaries, as well as our highly valued existing and prospective Nordic customers. To harness this opportunity, we have established an agile and empowered Nordic sales unit. This team comprises representatives from various Otiga brands who will work in unison to achieve breakthroughs in the Nordic market.

The Otiga Customer Connect team, consisting of dedicated individuals, including Anders Löfgren (Söder Group), Linus Forslund (Clockwork), Kirsi Oksanen (Folka), Piotr Kwiatkowski (Personalhuset), Thomas Vabø (On Off Bemanning), and Anders Haugeli Halvorsen (Otiga fasilitator), is committed to fostering strategic relationships and providing valuable information to assist you. 

Otiga connect.jpg

From the left: Anders Löfgren, Linus Forslund, Kirsi Oksanen, Piotr Kwiatkowski and Anders Haugli Halvorsen

"Customer Connect stands as one of our foremost initiatives within Otiga Connect, and we are confident that this skilled sales team will achieve breakthroughs in the Nordic market."​

Claes Poulsen, CEO of Otiga Group

On behalf of Customer Connect, we kindly encourage all Otiga Group employees to explore the untapped international potential within your existing customer base. Is there an opportunity to expand our product and service mix- offerings across borders? The members of Customer Connect are more than willing to assist you with valuable information, fostering strategic relationships with your customers.

Roger N Wiik_edited.png

​Roger N. Wiik, CEO of Personalhuset and leader of the reference group in Customer Connect, highlights the benefits of customer collaboration within the Otiga Group:


"By joining Otiga Group's customer collaboration approach, we can stay stronger and more robust when it comes to competing for the existing potential of 87 billion (NOK) in the Nordic staffing market. Customer collaboration allows us to present even more comprehensive and tailored solutions for our customers and take a position as being strategic partner to our customers."​

Within the Otiga Group, we do have some experience of working together on large customer accounts in the Nordics. Many of our existing customers are operating across national borders, and we know that a "one-stop shop" approach is highly appreciated.


By looking at the past, we acknowledge that our success in these projects has varied. However, we recognize a substantial untapped commercial potential that demands our joint exploration and exploitation. As we progress along this path, we will achieve mutually benefits by sharing knowledge/ insights, as well as commercial gains. Embracing this approach will undoubtedly position us all for collective success.


Therefore, we consider this investment in Customer Connect to be an excellent opportunity to learn from the past and keep up evolving all together going forward. By accelerating our efforts by operating as a cohesive group, we can enhance our market presence and strengthen our relationships with our valued Nordic customers.


We invite you to reach out if you identify potential opportunities and are open to collaborative dialogue. Your insights are invaluable. Together, we can unlock the lucerative potential in the Nordic market. 

The newly formed Customer Connect team consists of talented individuals who can deliver and produce results. Our overall ambition is that all Otiga companies should be able to benefit from such a unified front at Nordic level.

Piotr Kwiatkowski

Sales Manager




Linus Forslund

Business Area  Manager




Kirsi Oksanen

Sales Manager




Thomas Vabø

International Sales Manager

On Off Bemanning



Anders Löfgren


Söder & Co


Customer Connect

If you have any questions or wish to initiate a dialogue with Customer Connect, please feel free to contact

Anders Haugeli Halvorsen,  

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