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Completion of our first talent and leadership programs

We have recently completed our first round of the Otiga Talent Program and the Otiga Leadership Program. This initiative gives handpicked talents and leaders from all our companies the opportunity to meet other employees and to further develop their skills. Throughout 2019, each program has consisted of three seminars with the last one being completed this past month. As many as 66 employees have attended the seminars! Both programs have been a great success and the feedback from the participants has been very positive.

Our fantastic talents!

One of the goals of the program is that participants from different companies in Otiga Group get to know each other better. In this way, they can build relationships across the Otiga Group family and build the Otiga Group Culture as ONE company. The participants can stay in touch with each other through one of our new initiatives called the Otiga Group Exchange Program. In this program, employees can visit and work at one of the other companies in the group. In this way, we can connect and build relationships across our companies!

Our outstanding OLP participants

“I want to congratulate all of our amazing talents and leaders, and thank them for their efforts and commitments this past year. I believe it is important to share our knowledge and expertice so that we can all benfit from each others experiences. In this way we can truly understand each other and develop a common culture" - Hilde Lekven, Group CEO

We look forward to continuing this new Otiga Group tradition in 2020. We have already started planning for the next round, with brand new leaders and talents! Our first kick-off is in March.

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