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Meet Maive – The future of recruitment

Otiga Group is proud to announce the launch of our brand new recruitment AI named Maive. This revolutionizing technology is the culmination of four years of hard work and development by Mojob, an Otiga Group company.

The release of Maive marks the continuation of Otiga Groups venture in the RecTech space. We believe that technology and artificial intelligent is the future of the recruitment industry. With the help of Maive, we hope Otiga Group can become the market leader by having the best people combined with the newest technology.

"Distilling Otiga’s extensive expertise into an AI algorithm, and creating Maive has been the greatest challenge we’ve solved so far. The support and partnerships we’ve had with the Otiga companies has been instrumental in building the AI."

Brage Staven, Data Scientist, Mojob

By using Maive, companies can automate and speed up their recruitment processes. The AI screens and selects candidates through data-driven decisions. By analyzing thousands of recruitment processes Maive has learnt to structure massive amounts of data in order to identify the best candidates and talents. Paired with Mojobs one-way video technology, Maive is able to read the candidates’ videos and predict their personality traits.

This new technology marks a major step towards Otiga Groups goal of hiring without bias. Maive is designed and built to disregard information connected to human unconscious prejudices. It looks past the candidates’ gender, age and ethnicity and focuses solely on connecting the right candidates with the right companies. In this way, Maive can help us make open-minded and objective recruitment decisions.

“We believe companies and people will begin to trust AIs in making recruitment decisions. This will enable hiring to be done faster, more precisely, and in an unbiased way. In turn this will help create better organizations that builds a better world.”

Tobias Nervik, CEO Mojob

Read more about Maive and how its unique features can help your company revolutionize its recruitment decisions here!

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